What I learned today

March 03, 2018

1. If it's right you'll know, if it's not you'll be confused, and that truth shall set you free.

What I learned Today

February 25, 2018

1. It's a really good idea to keep all my cold weather hiking gear in my car.

2. Wear the microspikes Jessica. You bought them for a reason.

3. Working out feels bomb. Your body needs to move. 

4. Being in the Newspaper is bomb -- every time. 

What I learned Today

February 23, 2018

1) Don't engage in battles when there is nothing to be won.

2) I have to get out of bed. Even when I'm really sad.

3) I am a good writer, and my words are important-ish.

4) Critical Race Theory can be applied to pretty much everything. 

5) People who have a hold on your heart are just disappointing. Like they're good, but they are still pretty disappointing. 

6) Take people seriously when they're serious , and not a second before.

What I learned Today

February 12, 2018

1. Somethings feed your spirit and somethings feed your soul 

2. Things will never be perfect 

3. Be humble -- seriously 

What I learned today

December 19, 2017

1. I have a crazy amazing support system

2. Anxiety has a way of manifesting in real life.

What I learned today

December 18, 2017

1. Mulled Wine is everything 

2. My dog is out of control

3. It's possible to miss people but not how they make you feel 

What I learned Today

November 08, 2017

1. Preparation makes for success

2. Self Care is whatever you make it 

3. If I'm cold nothing will get done

4. "I don't need a reason to call you." Feels good to hear everytime

What I learned today

July 12, 2017

1. Bread can be old even if you don't see mold

2. I need to eat breakfast, every morning 

3. Say what you mean and mean what you say

4. It's okay to say no, you'll feel better after anyway

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