I think I fall in love a little bit with anyone who shows me their soul - Emery Allen

Context makes all the difference, so let me provide you with some. I am in my second semester of my doctoral studies at the University at Albany. I have a plethora of interests, guitar, hiking, technology, basketball, football, autism, social justice, politics, geocaching, food trucks, craft beer, special education, travel, culture, reddit and now blogging. I'm not sure if any of those things were originally my passion. Emery Allen's quote explains me perfectly. I surround myself with these amazingly passionate people that stimulate me intellectually and I immediately take a little piece of their passions and mix it into mine. Recently, while at Starbucks (the only place I can get work done), I was typing away feverishly at my latest assignment, when a man with a visual timer, computer and two retro cell phones engaged me in conversation. He ended up being a recent medical school graduate, who was on a journey to residency and self purpose. We talked about both of our passions and how his, mental health, and mine, Autism, overlapped. The conversation shifted to neuroscience and how having that background could move my research forward. Now in all fairness I had already been looking into neuroscience programs and reading articles on the field, but this mans passion and encouragement to dive further in was inspiring. When people speak from the heart about things that they are interested in, it's so dope. I can't wait to one day be able to have that impact on someone else's passions.

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