Genius Is One Percent Inspiration and Ninety-Nine Percent Perspiration

Well, this trip was genius and a heck of a lot of perspiration. I love hiking! It's the most amazing feeling to push your body to the cliff of desperation and to keep going. There are 46 high peaks in New York State. The criteria for being a high peak is that it is over 4,000 feet. I have done 13 of them. Tabletop would have been 14, but we didn't quite make it to the top. I got frostbite, our gear fell apart and the ice was too thick. I plan on going back soon and conquering it though. #Justwaydeonit . I did learn a couple valuable lessons on this day though. 1. I need better gloves 2. crampons are not micro spikes, and micro spikes are sure as hell not crampons 3. I hate snow shoes 4. I don't drink enough water 5. Amazing people make waking up at 330 am to hike not so bad 6. I can't compare my route in life and where I am in life to other things that I once thought I wanted or would have by now. "I'm made for bigger things." Number six was particurally important (although number 1 was a close second). I learned this lesson from one of my dearest friends, Thea. Thea is seriously one of the best people I have ever met. She is the kindest most inspiring person. She oozes confidence but not in the annoying, what are you over compensating for type of way. After our hike, we talked about the stresses of graduate school. Spending day in and out grinding, studying and being surrounded by people that are so intelligent and well spoken you feel like you don't belong. All your friends are getting married, having kids and being promoted and you're just trying to figure out how to balance sleep, showering and eating (all three never get done). Thea gracefully explained to me that I can't compare where I am at in life with other people's paths. We all have different paths, all equally important, but different, and that's okay. She ended it by saying that I was made for bigger things. That what society is telling me I should have and be doing right now is great and maybe someday (if I choose), I 'll be there, but my path is bigger than that. My purpose is different. I'm cool with that.